Introducing HEALTHKEY by Medfusion

One Username, One Password - Many Web Sites!
This practice participates in the HealthKey program. This means you benefit by using the same username and password across many healthcare websites. Use it wherever you see the HEALTHKEY™ logo.

You can store your personal information on the HealthKey system and share it across all HealthKey-participating practices without ever having to re-enter your information.

Secure and Private

Participating healthcare practices store your personal medical information using powerful security and encryption technologies to help protect your privacy.

When you see "key" logo, it means that your information is protected by HEALTHKEY™


Understanding Internet Security

Medfusion provides the technical information security services for your physician's website. When you submit your information to your physician's website, that information is converted to a random code. This is called encryption. When the information arrives at its destination, the data is decoded and stored on a secure server. "Identifying Secure Connections" explains the two most common ways of knowing you are connected to a secure server.

Identifying Secure Connections

  • A little closed padlock or unbroken key will appear on the bottom of your browser's window when you access a secure page.

  • The "http" at the beginning of the URL will change to "https" when you access secure pages.


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