Welcome to iHealthRecord by Medfusion.

Medfusion has recently acquired the iHealthRecord Personal Health Record solution from Medem. Over the next several weeks, you can visit this web page to learn more about Medfusion’s Personal Health Record offering and how you can take control of your personal health history information using this valuable tool.

So, who is Medfusion anyway?

Medfusion is the industry’s leading provider of patient-to-provider communication solutions. In addition to offering Personal Health Records for patients, Medfusion also provides tools where patients can communicate online with their physician for things like:

  • Requesting an appointment
  • Filling out paperwork
  • Checking in for appointments
  • Requesting prescription renewals
  • Asking secure questions
  • Accessing patient education
  • And even conducting online visits (also known as e-visits)

Does your physician office offer interactive communication solutions like these? If they are a member of the Medfusion Physician Network, they do!

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