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For over four years, Intuit Health has been a value-added partner of the American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP). Throughout those years, over 2,500 AAFP members have looked to Intuit Health to provide them with robust practice websites and patient-provider portal applications. Our unique program enables AAFP members to market their practice and offer superior service to their patients at a tremendous discount … just for being an AAFP member. In addition, the AAFP’s unique patient education information is available on every AAFP/Intuit Health practice website.

Through this partnership program, members can create a basic website at very reduced price. For a more robust web presence, take advantage of expanded services, including an enhanced website and secure communication features like appointment requests, lab results reporting, and prescription renewals, offered at discounted rates exclusively for AAFP members.

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What Clients Have to Say

Visit MacGregor Family Physicians"We really like the pre-registration for new patients. It routinely takes a patient ten to twenty minutes to fill out our new patient paperwork.

With the online pre-registration, the patient can complete it at home prior to their appointment. This streamlines the check-in process upon arrival. The patient checks in, the nurse takes the patient back and after they have their vitals done, the doctor actually starts on time.

Additionally, the information is legible. The doctors have more time to spend face to face taking care of the patients' needs, rather than asking the same question that they just answered on paper. The doctors also can refer them to the website for educational information on their specific problems."

- Tracie Maeder, Administrator, MacGregor Family Physicians

Visit America's Family Doctors and Walk-in Clinics"It is really neat to be able to treat a patient online and prescribe a medication if we are comfortable with it, and still get paid for our time! Also it has decreased our unpaid and high liability 'phone medicine' that we used to practice.

"Ask a Doctor has been very helpful with giving patients general answers to their medical questions and sometimes we can 'cure' a patient online. Otherwise we can refer them in the right direction including suggesting follow-up appointments with us. We love all the medical functions of our website and the easy ability for our staff to keep our site updated and fresh with great ideas!"

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